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March 8, 2022

Could It Be a Master Cylinder Leak?

No Time Like the Present

If you suspect that your vehicle has a braking system issue, when should you bring it in for brake inspection and any needed repairs? Immediately! There’s no time like the present. It would help if you never took chances with your brakes. After all, that’s what stands between you and potential disaster. If it’s time for brake service such as a brake fluid exchange or if you notice grinding or squealing noises, don’t delay a visit to our repair shop. Dynamic Automotive Solutions in Waukesha, Wisconsin, is your trusted shop for reliable brake repair.

Drip. Slow Stop. No Stop.

When your automobile has a brake system issue, there may be several underlying causes. For example, it could be time to replace brake pads, you could have a stuck brake caliper, or there might be a master cylinder leak that’s compromising your stopping power. So how will you know if the signs point toward that all-important master cylinder? Remembering a few words–drip, slow stop, no stop–can keep you mindful of this condition. The master cylinder holds brake fluid in reserve until it’s time to be pushed out to each wheel cylinder. When it develops a leak, your vehicle loses vital fluid–perhaps to the point that your brakes won’t work. If you notice a brake fluid drip, let us check it for you. Although fluid could be escaping from somewhere else, a stream along with the firewall or the brake booster likely indicates a master cylinder concern. Also, if your stopping ability seems diminished or slow–greater distance and increased time–it’s possible that half (front or rear) of your brakes are impaired. This, too, points to the possibility of a low brake fluid level caused by a leaking master cylinder. Finally, the worst-case scenario is a complete loss of brakes. Again, a lack of fluid that might be traced back to the master cylinder is suspected. (If you find yourself in this situation, remember to gradually engage the emergency brake to slow and stop your auto.)

Goodbye, Master Cylinder Trouble

For all your brake service and repair needs, entrust your vehicle to the certified technicians at Dynamic Automotive Solutions. We’ve built a reputation for dependable work at a reasonable price. Further, we understand brakes and what’s ultimately important. Brake components can always be replaced. People can’t.